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Choosing Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is a buying of one reseller hosting plan or a web server and then starting their own business by re-selling the web hosting to the end users or customers. Reseller hosting includes any type of hosting that buys any small scale or large scale business owners and then divide it into web hosting accounts and sell it again to the end users with extra money. But, the one thing that will need to consider is that, if you would like to offer windows web hosting service or linux web hosting service.

If you go for windows reseller hosting plan, it may be the smart choice, but the linux-based hosting could open thousands of opportunities for you as it is an open source operating system. In fact, you can see that both the operating system are all the better according to the the web hosts.

Linux server are cheapest and cost efficient servers as they are perfect for running open source programs and softwares. This will absolutely helps you in saving operational costs and so many things. As, when you go for the windows server, you should also go for the paid programs or softwares and then you need to think for their purchase costs as well as their cost of license renewal.

Instead of thinking about the licensing cost, you should be aware of what type of software and techologies are going to be used by your customers. As per their needs you can consider that which web host you have to run. If you are going for only one of the web host among windows and linux, then you will also be responsible for the risk of losing a part of your clientele.

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