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Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is the latest hosting technology and becoming very
popular over the internet to configures the servers in flexible way that benefits in
increased reliability, accessibility, scalability and cost efficiency. Cloud hosting
services provide multiple server connections which comprise cloud, and the
resources required for maintaining your website are spread across that multiple
web servers.

Cloud hosting is also known as Server-On-Demand Hosting, Cloud server
Hosting or Cluster Server hosting. Generally, there are 3 types of Cloud hosting-
Private cloud, public cloud and Hybrid cloud.

Private Cloud is also known as internal cloud which encompasses internal
services that allows sharing of data, resources and applications only over the
company intranet and can be accessed by the users within the organization. It
doesn’t allows the sharing outside the organizations.

Public Clouds are external clouds, it offers It services as a service on the internet
and most of the common resources can be shared with the other companies also.
It reduces time complexity in testing and deployment of new applications. It is
cheaper and offers sharing of It resources as a service.

Hybrid Cloud is a combination of Private cloud and the public cloud, offers
advantages of both the services. It is highly customized in rules and policies for
security and their infrastructures. In this hybrid cloud environment, it allocates
task and activities of the internal and external users as per their needs.

Rather than this, there are more classifications available for cloud, among them
you may choose any of the above discussed by selecting right vendor to suite best
to your business needs.

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