Dedicated Server

Our Dedicated server hosting with quick setup comprises of automated dedicated server
using latest platform. You even have root access to dedicated server plan and administrative control
for your server to install software all you need. Support for dedicated hosting in core managed and cpanel comes in every package


What is dedicated server?

A Dedicated server is a physical server which provides a full hardware resource to you individually or separately.
You can utilize the full CPU and RAM of the machine which means you will get full control over the server and have maximum performance.

What is the need of dedicated server?

If you hvae a large online business, security should be on higher priority. The web hosting services that have shared resources (VPS or shared hosting) may have risk of security breaches and attacks.
A dedicated server offers optimal security for your websites and contact information.

How does Dedicated Server Hosting work?

With dedicated server hosting, you are leasing a whole physical server.
In dedicated hosting server environment, you will be given access to customize your CPU (central processing unit), operating system, amount of RAM/Memory and other storage options available.

What is The Difference Between Managed and Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting?

Managed Dedicated servers are for those who do not want to deal with regular server management related tasks.
With a managed dedicated hosting plan, your hosting provider will take care of server management related tasks so that you can fully focus on growing your business.
Unmanaged dedicated server hosting plans are for those who want to take care of server management related tasks by their own.
Your hosting company will take care the hardware, network configuration and server security hardening related tasks.
Also your hosting provider will install an operating system of your choice on the server.

What Operating Systems (OS) can I run on a Dedicated Server?

Basically, all web hosting providers offer Linux based distributions of Dedicated web servers.
And if you want to use applications such as .NET, MVC, ASP etc. then you can choose to run Windows server.
But Windows server usually costs more, since there is license fee need to be paid to obtain Windows server.


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