Introduction to Digital Certificate

Digital Certificate is an public key certificate that allows a users, organisation to securely exchange data over the internet by using public key infrastructure(PKI). Digital certificate is also known as electronic password, public key certificate or identity certificate.

PKI technologies in Digital Certificate.

Digital Certificate are for sharing public keys to be used for authentication and encryption. Purpose of Digital Certificate is mean to provide assurance for consumer and business so they can effectively utilize the security from public key infrastructure (PKI). All internet based and e-commerce communications are enable securely with technology that comprises PKI.

Why security has become mandatory on internet?

Online business and people presence is continuously increasing day by day. As access has become faster and cheaper ,more people are spending time to stay connected to internet by spending more time for the personal communications and business transactions.

Internet is networks that is open to all for communications keeping in mind the security purpose. Web applications with vulnerabilities are more fraudulent can be exploit by the cyber criminals.

What security digital Certificate provide?

  • ¬†Identifications/Authentications
  • ¬†Confidentiality
  • ¬†Integrity
  • Access Control
  • Non-repudiations

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