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An ideal email address or customized email address is always short, simple and easy to remember. But free email addresses are often long and random, and also confusing, including impersonal domains like hotmail or gmail. It is essential to create the good impression among your competitors for which you need the simple, unique and memorable email address.

If you have your own domain email account, then you can get complete control over all the online stuff. And this make it easy for others to make remember your email address with your domain name. It seems like you are a real and legal company with real employees. As, your domain name is your online brand, it gives you presence in the online market.

Authentication of domain is very important because it can get your emails in spam to the others. Many people visit your site after getting email from you by seeing your domain name. If you use your own domain name for the email, it helps you in publishing your online identity. It makes difference between you and the other competitors or spammers. And the customers can trust you are the own, real and legal company.

Some web hosting providers offer email account services with their free hosting plan. To access via webmail, you should make sure that you are able to access your emails via a POP mail client or via your own mobile device.