Free WordPress Hosting

Absolutely Free WordPress hosting with lots of benefits!

If you are a beginner then free WordPress hosting can help you take advantage of a great variety of features for free.
This is perfect for those who don’t need to learn about hosting but only wish to try out the WordPress dashboard for writing purposes. Anyone can use our platform to launch a WordPress site and have it hosted for free.  On top of that, we take daily backups of your site for safe-keeping.

Free WordPress Hosting Features


  1. Latest version of C panel

  3. Private Cloud hosting

  5. Advanced versions of MySQL and PHP

  7. No ads

  9. Good customer support

Free WordPress Hosting Specifications

  1. 500MB Disk Space
  2. 1 CPU Core
  3. 1 GB RAM
  4. Free Sub-domain

Free WordPress Hosting is the best choice to begin blogging at the cheapest costs and also helps
you to learn WordPress efficiently.
It is very useful for creating a free website as well as for CMS management.

How to start with wordpress?

Starting the wordpress will be not easy at first . Trusting the our service you need to get a hosting account with us. Pre-installed wordpress will come in your account. So the pressure for downloading the wordpress ,installations and uploading again to the
hosting account goes. Now it becomes easy for building the content and promoting it.

Is WordPress free with EwebIndia?

WordPress is free , If you want your site be excellent one with more functionality ,then its time to spend time on finding and paying best supported host. WordPress is much user friendly that it can be moulded into beautiful way. Not only spending money on graphics, programming and maintenance is worth but avoiding free software that wont run site properly

Does WordPress have free hosting?

WordPress is the itself a free software which is easy to download and use as per web page requirement. As a wordpress beginner user can get the a free domain name
at domain registrar. We highly recommend the
wordpress hosting provider to start a website at low cost.

What is the best free web hosting for WordPress?

I don’t say free wordpress hosting is bad choice for you ,but for free choice
don’t repeat the mistake to find the cheapest way to host your wordpress site. Spending the small amount on paid hosting for new site will resolve the restriction you get on
bandwidth, disk space, customization and hampering the growth.

Does WordPress provide hosting?

Yes , if you want to have business website that will be professional weapon for your product or services. Then having a great hosting that comes with domain name and ready to go website. Many users dont trust website that is non trusted and free. Using the safe hosting that comes with security and support.

Is free hosting safe?

Free hosting is been always offer by putting some restrictions on the resource utilization. So the free
doesn’t get that reputations for speed, performance and availability.
Free hosting service may shut down at anytime , if you want site to be active need to stay away from free host.

Do I need to download WordPress to make a website?

Yes downloading the wordpress software is free from, then you need to install wordpress on web server to work . As per your own choice research and install themes and
plugins. Even wordpress development is on boom ,many are available in the market you are specialize in wordpress sites .

Can I build a WordPress website without hosting?

The answer to this questions is both yes and no, wordpress two version are available that is and actually provide a free domain and website, where
hosting signup is not needed.

Is WordPress free for any website?

Our hosting solution allows you with free access to many applications to more than 50 applications. So wordpress is also part of it. Quick performing and good server speed offered by us will be more flexible with wordpress software.

Is WordPress still relevant 2020?

Yes , WordPress gaining platform due to its popular blogging platform to all business on the internet. WordPress can be
recommended as blogging software from decade. 30% websites on web are powered by wordpress becoming the most essential and important tool.


Good support for wordpress themes and plugins issues i was facing. My problem was fixed by
Ewebindia and willingness they show for any technical issue clients get.

Excellent value , for every support and highly recommend the hosting service so far to any one needing the wordpress
hosting package.

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