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How To Use Ftp In Uploading Websites : Web Hosting Company of India

How to use FTP in Uploading Websites

Among so many option of uploading files or web pages to the host, the one of is the FTP that is file transfer protocol. Before the file uploading you need the web page to be saved with the .html or .htm extension after creation. Control panel is also provided by some web hosts to upload the web pages but if it is unavailable then FTP software program is used.

FTP client allows you to save your web pages on the web host. First, you have to download the FTP client software, then install it to create your FTP account. After opening the FTP software you will need to enter the host address as it will be your domain name or “” Then, you will have to enter the valid username and password which is used at the time of creating FTP account. Then connect to the web host to establish the connection.

After the connection establishment you will be able to move or upload the files and web pages to the web host in both binary and ASCII modes. All files related to text editor are transferred as ASCII and the others like graphics, media files and the compiled programs are transferred in the binary mode. So, it is the most popular software to transfer and upload files from the local area to the remote host.

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