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eWeb India provides Reliable & Cheap Reseller web hosting services for Windows and Linux servers. We provides the best combination of power, flexibility and service for your web hosting need.Our mission is to make Web Hosting  easy and affordable !

We offer several robust Reseller web hosting plans to choose from all with  awesome features that you won't find even on more expensive dedicated web hosting plans.
We don't overload our web Hosting servers with hundreds of web sites. We provide even entry-level clients with first-class security, reliability, and service.

You can create unlimited / multiple domains within the disk space and bandwidth of your reseller hosting plan.

  • Create unlimited domains /sub domains
  • Full Features Support including database
  • Independent Control Panel for every account (user/ reseller)
  • Direct sub reseller creation under you
  • Private Label, Co-branded Web Hosting Reseller Plans with anonymous servers
    And more..
Is it for me ?

Choose Web Hosting Services if :-
You want to host multiple /
   unlimited domains   
You want to run your privately
   brand own hosting business
You are looking for best possible
    lowest cost for more profit
Affordable/Cheap Reseller Windows Web Hosting

Affordable/Cheap Reseller Linux Web Hosting

Reseller Programe for Linux & Windows Web Hosting

Reseller Hosting PlansReseller Hosting India


Small Reseller Package ( with multiple domains setup )
 Package Plan50 Plan100 Plan250 Plan 500 Plan1000
Disk Space 50 MB 100 MB 250 MB 500 MB 1000 MB
( cost per year)
Rs3500/- Rs6500/- Rs11500/- Rs17500/- Rs23500/-
( cost per year)
Rs4500/- Rs8500/- Rs13500/- Rs19500/- Rs25500/-

 Big Reseller Package ( with unlimited domains setup )

Web Space 1 GB 2 GB 3 GB 4 GB 5 GB
Bandwidth / month 10 GB 20 GB 30 GB 40 GB 50 GB
Unlimited Domains Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Reseller LINUX Hosting
(cost per month)
Rs1250/- Rs2250/- Rs3150/- Rs3950/- Rs4650/-
WINDOWS 2000 Hosting
(cost / month)
Rs1450/- Rs2750/- Rs3750/- Rs4750/- Rs5750/-

At eWeb India, we believe that providing great, affordable/cheap web hosting services is only the beginning. What about support? If a problem occurs, how quickly can you get help? eWeb India provides you a number of ways to get an answer quickly and efficiently.

eWeb India offers various cheap/low cost reseller web hosting services. We also target many types of audiences looking for various hosting features such as :-

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Along with the ease of one-stop reseller affordable hosting solutions, flexible terms, custom solutions, and a single invoice for all of your services, eWeb India provides 24x7x365 support for diversified customers based in India, Canada and different countries.

Overview | Reseller Windows Web Hosting | Reseller Linux Web Hosting