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Shared Hosting Vs VPS hosting

When you go for the free web hosting plan or unlimited hosting plan, then this type of web hosting service is called as a Shared Hosting. With the shared hosting plan, you will need to share all the resources with other users on the web servers. So that the web hosting service cost will also be shared by the all the users on the web servers. So the shared hosting plan makes more affordable prices for the hosting services.

VPS ie. Virtual Private Server hosting in which one can run customized programs in low cost. Like Shared hosting, in VPS hosting users also share the server with other users but they have given separate computer functions. So, your files and hosted websites will never be affected by other users on the web server. And every user of the VPS server have offered a separate guaranteed resources on the server.

A VPS hosting is for those who are experienced programmers or businesses with having webmasters. And the VPS users have complete control over the assigned server. As the shared hosting offered with low cost, this may be ideal for those who have limited budget.

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