How to Exclude Files From Backups in plesk

Detailed instruction on How to Exclude Files From Backups in Plesk on Windows Hosting server

In this tutorial we will show you easy way to Exclude Files From Backups in Plesk control panel in Windows web hosting server. It is quite easy to manage backup in plesk control panel. Backups can be used if your hosting server contains some problem or your account is hacked. We try to make the website management or tutorial simple for user.

It is simple to Exclude Files From Backups when using backup feature of plesk. This feature of backup is used if you want want tot take backup of the particular file. You can exclude that file to dont take backup. Exclude option skip the folders that are in exclude.This will backup will not be taken in the regular backup cycles.

If you are looking for some mailbox deletion method for your Windows web hosting accountt then Plesk makes it easy for you. Many features in Plesk are easy to figure out and many options are used by website developers or Plesk experts.

Simple Steps to Exclude Files From Backups using Plesk control panel

To Exclude Files From Backups in Plesk, following are the simple steps :-

Using the steps above you’ll learn about Plesk Mailbox feature. For more information about different options of excluding backups please see Plesk’s Documentation.

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