Installing PhpMyAdmin on your domain in cpanel

Detailed instruction on installation of PhpMyAdmin in cPanel on Linux Hosting server

In this article we will show you how to install PhpMyAdmin in cPanel
on Linux web hosting
India server
. This will help you to access PhpMyAdmin on your account in
cpanel. For direct access to the PhpMyAdmin through your domain you will have to
install the software first.

PhpMyAdmin is free and easy to use. This user interface allows the user to
perform various operations on the database like indexing, creating, managing 
etc. You can directly write SQL statement. PhpMyAdmin is situated under database
section. It makes easy to deal with the database that are defined for your

If you know more features of PhpMyAdmin for your
Linux web hosting account then cpanel make it easy for you. Many features in cpanel are
easy to figure out
and many options are used by website developers or cPanel

Simple Steps To install
PhpMyAdmin in cPanel

Follow the below steps to properly install PhpMyAdmin:-

  • Download the latest stable version of the PhpMyAdmin software
  • Extract the archive file on your computer.
  • Rename the extracted PhpMyAdmin-4.2.5-english folder to PhpMyAdmin so that
    your URL will look something like this:
  • Upload the PhpMyAdmin folder through an FTP Client and place it at the
    exact location where you would like to access the software.
  • Navigate to in your web browser and log in with
    your email address and password.
  • You should now be able to access PhpMyAdmin directly at:

Using the steps you’ll able to install PhpMyAdmin in cPanel. It does not
allow to create database directly for that you will have to use MySQL database.
For more information about PhpMyAdmin please see cPanel’s Documentation.

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