A website hosting is service in which that any organizations or individual person to post a website, page onto the internet. The web hosting service provider provides a technologies and services which are needed for the website to make online or viewed on internet. Websites are hosted or stored on the special computers i.e. servers. When any internet user want to view your website then they just need to type a website address (domain) into their browser and after that computer will connect your server and web page and it delivered to them through the browser. Web hosting service provider also support the database, FTP upload and email account, security etc.

What is web hosting and domain?

Website hosting is an account on server that help to manage files on internet. Domain is address for website to get on web page that help to find the specific website in the browser.


Is creating a website free?

Creating website has become easy as many hosting providers offer the free plans , page builders and trial plans. Many web hosts help to built free website with there hosting and under there sub domains  like blogger.com

Does Google have a website builder?

Google now has released the website builder designed for the online presence or business. New tool is free and help to create ,edit the website within minute.

Which website hosting service is best?


Hosting that you are paying for may tricks you under the cheap or free deals.Beware of pricing tricks , get all the benefits with price, like website builders and support.

Is WordPress a web host?

WordPress is the website builder and top most cms management tool widely used across the world. It create the pages, build and improve the website with plugins.

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