WordPress hosting is another open source content management system which is popularly used for building websites. You can either opt for shared WordPress hosting or managed WordPress hosting. Shared WordPress hosting refers using a single server by multiple websites. Therefore its more cost effective. Whereas managed WordPress hosting refers managing all the  technical parameters of WordPress hosting such as speed, updates, backups, security etc managed by the host itself. Here you will get an focused, free of troubles and fast hosting environment.

 You can get the latest version of WordPress hosting which can be customized according to your choice. It provides you with a number of plugins, templates and themes to customize your website and it also has a feature to add your self designed themes. You can also avail the hosting for the latest versions of PHP, MySQL and Apache. 

Does WordPress provide hosting?


WordPress is free , only you need o install the themes and plugins , word press is optimized for better performance and security. WordPress is easy to install with easy to install in one click.


What’s the difference between web hosting and WordPress hosting?

The main difference between is that web hosting is general hosting for a server and on other hand wordpress is the server allocations with specially for wordpress knowing the wordpress will be running on it.

How do I host a WordPress site?

Login in the your hosting account

Open the dashboard of control panel’ 

Look for wordpress site or icon

Choose the domain you want a wordpress install 

 After the installations you will get the WordPress website.


Is managed WordPress worth it?

WordPress hosting is the more valuable one, runs efficient and easy to use dashboard and best to handle. So if we go with manage WordPress they can hep you with above all issue for managing the website

Do I need C panel for WordPress?


Yes c panel is the best options making it easier for the files to manage. By using PHP 7.0 and Linux hosting makes faster for website with optimized images , themes and plugins

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